Clever Mama's Brand Symbol

Clever Mama Food

In terms of design, the new LOGO has optimized both Chinese and English to highlight English and weaken Chinese to strengthen Clever  Mama's young, fashionable and international brand positioning; Chinese and English use extremely fashionable font design to reflect a simple and smooth visual experience; The creativity of borders comes from the inspiration that the caramel on the pudding naturally flows down, fashion, seductive and smart.

Clever Mama Food

The spoon in the LOGO has four meanings:
1. A spoon with a sense of ritual and strong association when eating pudding
2. The action of licking the mouth after tasting the pudding
3. To convey Clever Mama's mission of "Brand make a Joyful Life" and the emotional appeal and smile expression of "Smile at every mouthful"
4. The spoon in the trademark becomes the "smiling spoon" and can be used independently, and is also an important visual symbol for brand communication.

Clever Mama Food
Clever Mama Food

Clever Mama Mission:Brand make life cheerful.Insisting on high-quality food on business culture “three hearts"are love,intension and conscience and“two points" are satisfation and respection.


Clever Mama's Vision

1.The first brand of China high-end Pudding dessert

2.Use ingenuity and innovation to lead industrial iteration and evolation.

3.Represent bourgeoisie.the joyful symbol

4.Lead team and partner into growing,success and respected

5.Create a sense of ritual and small fortune for oursers

6.Efforts to survive 101 years

Clever Mama's Slogan

Every Bite is Smilesmiley

Clever Mama Food


Represent bourgeoisie.the joyful symbol

Clever Mama

Add:Dongshijinglin Industrial Zone, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, China  Tel:+86-595-85756992  Fax:+86-595-85789491  E-mail:[email protected]

Add:Dongshijinglin Industrial Zone, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, China



E-mail:[email protected]